Quartz is a rock composed of molecules of silicon and oxygen atoms and held together in a crystal form. The quartz formula is SiO2, which contains 46.5% Si and 53.3% O2 in pure state. It is one of the most abundant mineral in the earth crust. It has a hardness of 7 in the Mohs scale, a specific gravity of 2.65 gr/cm3, a melting temperature of 1785 °C. Quartz mineral is mostly found in magmatic rocks. It was formed by sedimentation or metamorphism. Quartz used in the industrial field are often white, semi-translucent or translucent in color with very little foreign matter.

Quartz ore, an important raw material of ceramics, glass and composite stones, is produced from rich quartz deposits in Mugla and Aydin regions. It is presented in crushed, granulated and ground particle sizes in various qualities.

Our company has accelerated its effort to become an important supplier especially in the production of granular and ground quartz.

The above mentioned grain sizes are standard values and different grain sizes can be produced upon request.