Komurcuoğlu Group, beginning its activities in 1995, is an industrial raw material production company. Rodos Maden, Efes Maden and Çınartaş Maden companies are operating their mining activities under “Kömürcüoğlu Group roof”, producing sodium feldspar, quartz, olivine and bauxite ores from industrial raw material reserves in southwestern Anatolia. These raw materials are processed in the facilities located in the same region. They are presented to ceramics, glass, composite stone, metallurgy, iron and steel, casting, refractory, cement and aluminum industry.

Our company started to work as a contractor in the quarries and facilities of the institutional companies in the region. During this time, he developed and obtained mining licenses and crushing-milling-flotation facilities. Experienced, young and dynamic staff consisting of 150 employees serve to the firms in the domestic and foreign market.

Our company became one of the important mining companies in the region by evolving the mine reserves, production equipment and technical staff with new mine sites that were commissioned in 2017. Komurcuoğlu Group produced and sold 450,000 tons of raw materials in 2017.