Kömürcüoğlu Deserved The Feast

Turkey’s one of the major industrial raw material producers Kömürcüoğlu Group has continued its production and exportation process during the effects of coronavirus (Covid – 19). The personnel and the bosses of the group came together with the purpose of greeting the Ramadan Eid before giving a four day break to their work. The statement of ‘we deserved the celebration’ was the main sentences of the feasting that took place at the main center of the company in Milas, Mugla.

The ceremony was been done with the participation of honorary founding president Mustafa Ali Kömürcüoğlu, board members Birgül Kocataş, Bircan, Özkan and Özlem Kömürcüoğlu, the General Manager of the group Seçkin Ateş and numerous group personnel. Mustafa Ali Kömürcüoğlu has stated that ‘I consider all of my staff as my children and I am proud of them because we are contributing to our country by producing’ he also stated that he has spoken to his personnel by phone in Çine, Köyceğiz, Kavaklıdere, Denizli Buldan, Eskişehir, Uşak Eşme, Rusia and Ukrain.

Mustafa Ali Kömürcüoğlu, stated that “We started business in 1998 by trading of used cars, in the following years, we shifted our business to mining with 20-25 employees, but today we have become a job creating company with nearly 600 personnel including our subcontractors. At this achieved point the share of our laborer brothers’ and sisters’ has a big part. I handed things to my four children a few years ago. I support them as honorary president, but I am following. My own children are four but all the staffs are like my children as well. We gathered to feast with them. We have been continuing this tradition for years and we want to continue for longer years.

Bircan Kömürcüoğlu, Member of the Board of Kömürcüoğlu Group, stated that ‘they are an export-based company. They continued to exportation in the coronavirus process (Covid-19)’ Bircan said, ‘Our state has also opened our path to continue working with administrations that enable exporter to work at this period. We got new employers as we did not discharge any workers. We continued working in three shifts also in the Ramadan month. I wish the risk of disease will be eliminated until the next year and also wish to celebrate the holiday more enthusiastically’. On behalf of our management and our employees I proudly say that we deserved this holiday, which we will spend at home due to the curfew, with the done exportation and the things we did on this near past.


Kömürcüoğlu Group General Manager Seçkin Ateş said, “During the Covid 19 pandemic that surrounds the world and our country, we all became one with our employees, our board of directors and our bosses. Despite the problems in the region, we continued our working by taking the necessary measures under the control of our occupational safety specialists. We did not use the opportunities provided by the state in the process such as partial work allowance and unpaid leave. We tried to create new employment as we protected the present’’

‘We worked, produced and deserved this holiday,’ said Esra Arslandağ, Kömürcüoğlu Group Finance Manager. Doğuş Akıncı, the purchasing officer of the group, stated that ‘our management did not discharge any of our friends. We, as employees, were motivated by this situation and worked with dearness. We would like to thank our bosses for giving us a feast like a delight’. Huseyin Sever, responsible for export and logistics, had stated that ‘we loaded all the ships on time and date. We are having the rightful proud of deserving this holiday and beautiful feast’.

Kömürcüoğlu Group is fulfilling its commitments in India, Azerbaijan, Italy and Spain before and since the Coronavirus effects started at 11th March on Quartzite, Feldspar, Olivine and Bauxite ore production. Besides mining, the group is running logistic, excavation and fresh vegetables and fruits trade business. The group continues its production in Milas, Çine, Köyceğiz, Kavaklıdere and Denizli Buldan. The group has cold stores in Russia and Ukraine

4 additional Mercedes TIR came to our fleet today.

3rd of  May, 2018
4 TIRs that will transport the raw materials sent to the ports and to our domestic customers were included in our fleet.

We are starting to produce feldspar and quartz in Çine Mutaflar Quarries.

1st of May, 2018

We are starting to produce quartz in Kavalıdere Quarry.

1st of  May, 2018

Our investment in granular and micronized quartz production facility started.

28th of March 2018
We started our investment in granular and micronized quartz facilities, which are the main input raw materials of composite stone production. We are planning to complete the investment studies and start industrial production within 3 months.”

Our exports in 2017 realized as 400,000 tons

1st of January, 2018